VIP Club Details

How to get your 15% off

1. Make sure you are signed in by going to the top of the page and clicking "Log In."

NOTE: Sometimes the "Log In" is covered, so click the X on the orange top bar to close and reveal the "Log In" section.

2. Add items to your cart. As long as you are logged in you will see and receive the VIP price. 

3. If you experience any issues please send us a message at  If you checkout and don't get your discount send us a message and we'll quickly refund your savings!



How long does it take to make my money back?
With 15% savings, once you spend $200 you have your $29.95 investment back. Plus the bonus offers.

Can I quit at any time?
Yes, I'd hate to see you go, but of course, you can! No questions asked. You'll continue to receive the membership benefits for the year you've paid. Unfortunately, we can't reimburse pro-rated amounts for the remaining year of your current year's membership.

When am I charged?
You're charged for the VIP Club as soon as you purchase it. You'll be alerted prior to your one year anniversary so can renew your VIP Club to continue receiving your saving. 

How do I get the best deal?

Discounts cannot be stacked. Don't worry when we have extra special savings like our Black Friday sale we will be sure you receive the best discount. You are still eligible to receive special gifts and BOGO deals.