Wednesday Puzzle

Answers to this Week's Puzzle

1. One of Ben & Jerry's most popular flavors, "Cherry Garcia", was named after a member of what band?
C. Grateful Dead
2. Famous comedian and journalist Stephen Colbert had a flavor named after him, what was this flavor called?

A. "Americone Dream"
3. Which country music singer had a flavor named for him called "Country Peach Cobbler"?
D. Willie Nelson
4. This flavor was named after a movie which combined two flavors, "Cherry Garcia" and "Chocolate Fudge Brownie", what was the name of this flavor?
C. "Neapolitan Dynamite"
5. The flavor "Magic Brownies" was named for which band?
D. The Dave Matthews Band
6. The flavor "Marsha Marsha Marshmallow" was named after a famous quote from which television show?
C. "The Brady Bunch"
7. Which famous Vermonter and American Revolution hero had a Ben & Jerry's flavor named after him?
C. Ethan Allen
8. Ben & Jerry's had a flavor named after an Elton John song, what was the name of this flavor?
C "Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road"
9. In 2000, Ben & Jerry's made a flavor called "Festivus", what television show did they get the name from?

A. "Seinfeld"
10. Which musician had a flavor named in his honor called "Imagine Whirled Peace"?

A. John Lennon