Wednesday Puzzle 1/15/20 – Blueberry Lane Shop
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Wednesday Puzzle: Boggle Word Find

Play to be Entered to Win a $15 Gift Card to the Shop
***Winner will be drawn from entries.

Let's make words Boggle style! How to play:

  1. The letters in the words must be connected in the same order in the grid.
  2. The letters can be connected by an edge or a corner.
  3. The word doesn't have to appear in a straight line. It can be tangled around.
  4. Each letter in the word must uniquely appear in the grid. For example, if the word is ERASE, the letter E must appear twice in the grid. The word can't just loop back and re-use the same E.
  5. Words must be at least 3 letters long
  6. Words cannot be a proper noun, such as a name or place.

(winner announced in 1/22/20 email)

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