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Wednesday Puzzle

Answers to this Week's Puzzle

1. dogma n. ('dog-muh)

C Established Opinion

2. cataract n. ('cat-uh-rakt)

A Waterfall

3. toponym n. ('tah-puh-nim)

B Place-Name

4. escrow n. ('eh-skroh)

A Money Held In Trust

5. forbear v. (for-'bair)

A Hold Back

6. execrable adj. ('ek-sih-kruh-bull)

C Horrible

7. camellia n. (kuh-'meel-yuh)

A Flowering Shrub

8. unorthodox adj. (un-'or-thuh-doks)

A Not Conventional

9. 10. welkin n. ('wel-kin)

B Sky

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