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Wednesday Puzzle

Answers to this Week's Puzzle

1. Question: Most Americans bite off what part of a chocolate bunny first?
Answer: The ears

2. Question: What flower is considered an Easter symbol?
Answer: Lily

3. Question: Besides bunnies, what animal is considered an Easter symbol?
Answer: Lamb

4. Question: What holiday is celebrated on the last day before Lent begins?
Answer: Mardi Gras

5. Question: What is the 40-day period before Easter?
Answer: Lent

6. Question: What’s the most popular Easter candy in America?
Answer: Marshmallow peeps

7. Question: The Sunday before Easter is called what?
Answer: Palm Sunday

8. Question: In what country did the tradition of the Easter bunny originate?
Answer: Germany

9. Question: The first Easter eggs were dyed what color?
Answer: Red

10. Question: Is more candy sold for Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Halloween?
Answer: Halloween

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