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Wednesday Puzzle

Answers to this Week's Puzzle

1. Which technique involves blending or beating something with a tool to incorporate air into it?

C. Whisking

2. What technique involves heating something solid until it becomes liquid?

B. Melting

3. Cooking sugar until it turns brown is known as what?

C. Caramelizing

4. When you raise the temperature of something gradually, you __________ it.

C. Temper

5. Soaking something in a flavored liquid to absorb its flavors is known as what?

B. Infusion 

6. When you thicken a liquid with heat, you __________ it.

C. Reduce

7. What is it called when all ingredients are mixed together at once?

B. All In one method

8. Shallowly slashing the surface of a dough with a sharp knife before baking is called what?

A. Scoring

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