Wednesday Puzzle

Answers to this Week's Puzzle

1. What emotion is the color red said to represent? A. Joy B. Sadness C. Anger D. Envy

C. Anger

2. Complete the following saying "Red sky at night, sailor's ___". A. Happy B. Favorite C. Anger D. Delight E. Drink rum

D. Delight

3. Which of the following words means "red" in Spanish? A. Morado B. Rojo C. Rosado D. Azul

B. Rojo

4. In art, what color is "complementary" to red? A. Purple B. Yellow C. Orange D. Green E. Blue

D. Green

5. Which of the following bands released an album called "Red"? A. The Who B. The Rolling Stones C. King Crimson D. Black Sabbath

C. King Crimson

6. In Formula One racing, Ferraris are red. A. True B. False

A. True

7. In humans (and other animals), blood is either bright red, or a darker shade of red. Which is bright red? A. Oxygenated blood B. Deoxygenated blood

A. Oxygenated Blood

8. What American state's name means "colored red"? A. Nevada B. Arizona C. Colorado D. Illinois

C. Colorado

9. Which of the following is not a shade of red? A. Falu red B. Kelly red C. Venetian red D. Persian red

B. Kelly red

10.The Red Panda lives in the forests of which mountain range?A. Alps B. Himalayas C. Andes D. Pyrenees

B. Himalayas