Wednesday Puzzle

Answers to this Week's Puzzle

1.Which of the following is NOT a term for a scarecrow? Hodmedod, Murmet, Doodle sack, Hay-man, Gallybagger, Tattie Bogal, Mommet, Mawkin, Bwbach.

Answer: Doodle Sack. Which is an English word for a bagpipe. Either way you look at it, while the Scarecrow may not have had a heart, he does go by a lot of names!

2. What were originally used as the first Jack-o'-Lanterns?

Answer: Turnips. Originating in Ireland, people would hollow out turnips and place a lump of coal in it as a type of lantern and set it at their door as a guide for poor "Jack." Jack, legend has it, tricked the devil and wasn't allowed into heaven or hell, so he was cursed to wander the earth forever in the in-between. The Irish then brought this tradition to America and found that pumpkins were a far better alternative to the turnip, thus instilling an American fall tradition.

3. In It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, who does Linus mistake for the Great Pumpkin?

Answer: Snoopy. Linus faints after seeing a shadowy figure rise in the pumpkin patch, thinking it's the Great Pumpkin. Instead, it was only Snoopy, which Sally sees and gets mad at Linus for making her miss out on all the Halloween fun to wait in the pumpkin patch.

4. What year will have the next Halloween with a full moon?

Answer: 2020. The previous Halloween with a full moon was back in 2001 and after this year, you'll have to wait another 19 years to see another full moon on Halloween night in 2039.

5. What Halloween radio drama caused a mass panic on October 30, 1938?

Answer: War of the Worlds. Originally a special Halloween episode of The Mercury Theatre on the Air, it was directed and performed by actor Orson Wells who adapted it from H.G. Wells' original novel. Whether or not it actually cause mass hysteria and panic is up for debate because apparently there weren't that many listeners.

6. How many colors of M&Ms are there in a normal bag?

Answer: Six. The colors in a regular bag of M&Ms are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and brown. In 1995, consumers were asked to vote on what color they wanted to replace the original tan M&Ms. Blue won and was introduced later that same year.

7. What was the first wrapped penny candy in America?

Answer: Tootsie Roll, which was created by Leo Hirschfield in 1907. This lightly cocoa flavored candy was the first mass produced individually wrapped penny candy in America.

8. What do you sprinkle on your doorstep if you want to keep evil spirts out of your house on Halloween night?

Answer: Salt. We all saw Alison wield a container of salt like a weapon to ward off the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus and it seemed to do the trick...for a while. But outside of Disney movies, according to tradition, sprinkling salt in a room or around an area can ward off evil spirits that may try to harm you. A buddhist tradition would have you throw salt over your shoulder to do the same thing. Either way, a pinch of salt is a small price to pay for a little safety from spirits on Halloween...or any night.

9. What product is banned in Hollywood on Halloween?

Answer: Silly String. Stay away from Hollywood and Hollywood Boulevard specifically, if you plan on using silly string on Halloween night. A ban on the messy toy went into effect in 2004, due to complaints from business owners, but expect to shell out $1,000 fine if caught with a can in your hand or string in your hair.

10. In what state is it illegal to dress up as a nun or a priest on Halloween?

Answer: Alabama. According to the law Section 13A-14-4:
"Fraudulently pretending to be clergyman.
Whoever, being in a public place, fraudulently pretends by garb or outward array to be a minister of any religion, or nun, priest, rabbi or other member of the clergy, is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $500.00 or confinement in the county jail for not more than one year, or by both such fine and imprisonment. (Acts 1965, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 273, p. 381; Code 1975, §13-4-99.)"